Huawei Pakistan Providing Cloud Solutions for Banking Industry: A Data Driven Study


  • Hassan Nawaz Cloud deployment Technical Director, Huawei Technologies, UAE
  • Maida Maqsood Department of English, Government College Women University, Sialkot, Pakistan.
  • Abdul Hannan Ghafoor Masters of information technology, Distributed Computing, University of Melbourne Australia.
  • Sijjad Ali School of Computer Science and Software Engineering, Shenzhen University, China.
  • Ammad Maqsood Department of Civil Engineering, The University of Lahore, Lahore, Pakistan.
  • Anaiza Maqsood The Standard Girls College, Sialkot, Pakistan.



This report explores how Huawei Pakistan's cloud solutions have revolutionized the country's banking industry. Using a combination of surveys and interviews, the study uses a mixed-methods approach to thoroughly evaluate the many effects of cloud adoption. The results are solid and highlight the significant advantages that cloud technology have provided to Pakistani banks. One major gainer is operational efficiency, with banks reporting notable increases in cost savings, process simplification, and overall operational efficiency. These results support the focus on cloud solutions' transformative potential found in the research currently in publication. Adoption of cloud computing has an equally significant impact on customer experience and satisfaction, with increased customer satisfaction levels, response times, and service innovation resulting from its use. The research findings are consistent with the literature's claim that cloud computing enables banks to offer improved customer experiences in a time when customers expect quick and easy access to services. Most importantly, the study emphasizes how crucial it is to comply with regulations and maintain data security while adopting cloud computing. After using Huawei's cloud solutions, banks in Pakistan reported a considerable improvement in data security, privacy safeguards, and regulatory compliance. In the modern banking context, the benefits of strategically using technology to pursue excellence are visible in operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, data security, and regulatory compliance. These effects are truly revolutionary. Because of the cloud's revolutionary ability, Pakistan's banking sector is well-positioned to thrive as the digital era unfolds. Currently Pakistan SBP have released the cloud adoption frame, suggest and guide how financial institution adopt cloud, and new digital banks also requiring cloud environment to support business raise rapidly. However, the cloud on the market or have less function, or have data sovereign risk. Huawei product HCS is the kind of cloud infrastructure can both provide plenty cloud services and protect data security.




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Nawaz, H., Maqsood, M., Ghafoor , A. H., Ali , S., Maqsood , A., & Maqsood , A. (2024). Huawei Pakistan Providing Cloud Solutions for Banking Industry: A Data Driven Study. The Asian Bulletin of Big Data Management, 4(1), 89–107.