Exploring the Ethical and Technical Data of Machine Consciousness: Hazards, Implications, and Future Directions





The study of machine consciousness has a wide range of potential and problems as it sits at the intersection of ethics, technology, and philosophy. This work explores the deep issues related to the effort to comprehend and maybe induce awareness in machines. Technically, developments in artificial intelligence, neurology, and cognitive science are required to bring about machine awareness. True awareness is still a difficult to achieve objective, despite significant progress being made in creating AI systems that are capable of learning and solving problems. The implications of machine awareness are profound in terms of ethics. Determining a machine's moral standing and rights would be crucial if it were to become sentient. It is necessary to give careful attention to the ethical issues raised by the development of sentient beings, the abuse of sentient machines, and the moral ramifications of turning off sentient technologies. Philosophically, the presence of machine consciousness may cast doubt on our conceptions of identity, consciousness, and the essence of life. It could cause us to reevaluate how we view mankind and our role in the cosmos. It is imperative that machine awareness grow responsibly in light of these challenges. The purpose of this study is to provide light on the present status of research, draw attention to possible hazards and ethical issues, and offer recommendations for safely navigating this emerging subject. We want to steer the evolution of machine consciousness in a way that is both morally just and technologically inventive by promoting an educated and transparent discourse.

Author Biography

Mian Mohsin Sattar, Clinical Psychology Department, GC University Lahore, Pakistan.

Clinical Psychologist
College Counselor, Cadet College Jhang,
Punjab Pakistan




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Rafiq, T., Azam, M., Nisa, M. U., Sattar, M. . M., Zafar, S., & Inam, H. (2024). Exploring the Ethical and Technical Data of Machine Consciousness: Hazards, Implications, and Future Directions. The Asian Bulletin of Big Data Management, 4(02), Data Science 4(2) ,13–29. https://doi.org/10.62019/abbdm.v4i02.136